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Breast Augmentation

For women who are unhappy with the size of their breasts, Dr Antoniadis offers breast augmentation surgery at Genesis Clinic in Thessaloniki,Greece. Using the latest cohesive silicone round or anatomic breast implants, depending on the patient's wishes,Dr. Antoniadis can safely and effectively create full, shapely feminine contours for his patients.

Breast Augmentation Candidates
Women choose to have breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons. Some may simply desire breasts that are larger, firmer, and rounder. Others may have concerns about asymmetry. For many, due to the ageing process or following pregnancy and breast-feeding, the breasts can lose substance (atrophy) while the skin remains stretched. This can be very effectively corrected by breast augmentation if the nipples are still above the groove below the breasts ('infra-mammary fold'). If the breasts are very droopy, with the nipples below the infra-mammary fold, a tightening procedure known as MASTOPEXY  is performed. If an implant is also required the procedure is called an AUGMENTATION MASTOPEXY.  At the initIal consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss with Dr. Antoniadis the various types of implants available - round or tear-drop (also called 'anatomical' or 'form-stable'), silicone or saline, textured or smooth surfaced the location of the implant pockets - in front of the pectoral muscle ('sub-glandular'), or behind the pectoral muscle ('sub-muscular' or 'retro-pectoral') the location of the incisions i.e. under the breasts ('infra-mammary'), around the areola ('peri-areolar') or in the armpit ('axillary').

If you decide to proceed with the surgery, a second consultation is arranged at which you will have the opportunity to finalise the size and shape of the implants, the location of the pocket and the location of the incision that best suits you, and to further explore the risks and benefits of the procedure.

Surgical Technique
Under general anaesthesia as a hospital day stay procedure the selected implants are inserted into sub-glandular or sub-pectoral pockets via a 5 - 6 cm incision under the breast. At the end of the procedure the incisions are closed with a dissolving suture running under the skin and a waterproof dressing is applied. A elasticised band is placed across the top of the breasts to prevent the implants from riding up, and a Tubi-Grip(TM) bandage is applied over the top. Antibiotics and painkillers are prescribed.

After Breast Augmentation
The patient is reviewed 7 - 10 days following the procedure. The elastic band and Tubigrip (TM) are removed and a sports bra fitted which is worn night and day for 10 days, then by day for the next six weeks. Walking is encouraged in the early post-operative period. Jogging and working out may be resumed after six weeks. Patients may generally return to work after 10 days, unless their job involves heavy lifting. There is a final review at 4 months following the surgery.