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What we think and then postpone to ask our Plastic Surgeon<br><br>

It is certain that the era of hidden aesthetic interventions is over forever! In today's reality, our familiarity with all cosmetic surgeries is required, mainly through social media and the great promotion of Plastic Surgery on the internet. To such an extent that many women can promote it as their personal advantage.

Here are nine questions we would ask if we drank coffee with our well-known Plastic Surgeon:

1. When you first see a patient do you virtually create in your mind the changes you need?

Plastic Surgery always requires pre-planning. It is almost impossible to achieve a balanced and good aesthetic end result if the Surgeon does not know what to do before starting an operation or an injection treatment. It is always important to communicate with the patient, so that he understands the limits of each operation and the problems that may need to be addressed.

2. Is it true that the nipple aesthetics can be lost after augmentation surgery with silicone implants?

In all operations, due to the surgical preparation, some nerve endings are cut off, but in most of them they are completely regenerated. However, in the case of the nipple in the breasts, there is also the advantage of nerve overlap and the absence of complete aesthetic anesthesia. However, what is observed in 10% of cases is a hypersensitivity of the nipple, due to the pressing effect exerted by the insert on the underlying sensory nerves.

3. What are the most dangerous surgeries?

Almost every operation has a percentage of complications, with the most common being infection and bleeding. However, the percentage increases in some more than in others. The rates of buttock augmentation consistently rank the operation in the first place, in terms of risk index.

4. If you see that the results are not as expected will you tell your patient?

Many times what looks good at the time of surgery does not develop as we expect. They are problems that have to do with healing, the final scar and the appearance of complications. Personally, I am honest and I always inform, without hiding the truth. The condition, in order for us to be able to solve his problem together, is for him to trust me so that I can be his ally in the proposed therapeutic approach.

5. How early can Botox treatment be started?

Every person is different and I personally think that age is not so crucial. The expression and skin type may require treatment at a younger age and delay it at older ages. However, it is important to be evaluated by a qualified doctor and not to try online offers or facilities.

6. Can you tell if a girl on the beach has had surgery?

Of course, this is also my job. In some cases, however, it is quite difficult to understand and this differentiates a good one with a mediocre result. In my opinion the best aesthetic results always resemble the natural!

7. What do you think about the influence of social media on cosmetic surgery?

It is frightening what is happening, especially at a younger age. Our external image is so important that we do not compromise with minor imperfections on the face and body. In particular, applications such as Instagram obviously encourage young people to undergo cosmetic surgery. This may be the boomerang phenomenon in our specialty, as the perception of the possible is not combined with the aspirations of our prospective patients. So statistically the number of dissatisfied people will increase and consequently the number of our prospective patients will decrease.

8. I want Michelle Pfeiffer's nose

It is very common for them to come to informative appointments with photos of celebrities and ask me for the bust of an actress or the buttocks of a famous singer. What I always say is that what we fix is ​​our characteristic and we improve it on our mold. Distortion and bad result are almost always products of exaggeration.

9. Are cosmetic surgeries a privilege only for women?

The number of men visiting the Plastic Surgeon is constantly increasing. The main operations that interest them are otoplasty, liposuction, rhinoplasty and Face Lift.