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Can I have liposuction, doctor?<br><br>

Definitely if you care about your body image you belong to the category of those who exercise and eat properly. However, despite the significant effort you make in your daily life, specific anatomical points can not reduce their local thickness. So if you have tried everything and you are thinking of doing liposuction, the following are the basic conditions that you should know before the operation:

Your body weight is stable

Liposuction will not make you lose weight, but it will remove fat from the points that resist diet and exercise.

Your state of health is good

Complete laboratory tests and good condition of the heart and respiratory system protect you from possible complication

You have good skin elasticity

In cases of great relaxation of the skin, an operation such as abdominoplasty is the only way

You realize how important is the postoperative care

Liposuction is still a surgery that requires recovery time. It is also important to apply a special pressure garment, which is applied topically for a few weeks.