Breast Augmentation
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Breast Augmentation

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The specialized Plastic Surgeon Dr. Athanasios Antoniadis offers the best possible solution for women who are not happy with the size of their breasts.

With the use of the new solid silicone implants, of high consistency, Dr. Antoniadis ensures the best possible and natural shape of the breast for all patients.

Candidates for surgery

Women can choose breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons. Some prefer a larger and tighter chest, while others may be concerned with the issue of asymmetry. But for many, after pregnancy and breastfeeding, their breasts lose their volume and relax significantly. This condition can be effectively corrected with the augmentation surgery, if of course the nipple is located above the submandibular groove. If the breasts are very sagging with the nipples below the level of the submandibular groove, a combination of breast augmentation surgery also known as mastoplasty is required.

During the briefing visit, Dr. Antoniadis will inform you about the following:

a) The different types of inserts available (round, drop-rough or soft surface)

b) The anatomical location of the implants (below the gland or behind the muscle)

c) The area of ​​access through the skin incisions (in the submandibular groove, around the nipple, in the axillary fold)

If you decide to have the operation, a second visit to the doctor's office will be scheduled in order to decide the final size and shape of the implant, the anatomical location of the case and the placement of the surgical incisions. In addition you will be able to discuss the potential risks and benefits of having breast augmentation surgery, as well as how to deal with potential complications.
Surgical technique
The proposed technique begins after general anesthesia and subcutaneous incisions 5-6 cm long. The case is prepared and the implants are placed under the mammary gland or under the muscle, as the case may be. The operation is completed by closing the wound with absorbed sutures in three layers. After the end of the operation, a special bra is placed to hold the breasts and maintain the shape.

 After surgery

The control visit takes place after 7-10 days. All the pads are removed and a special bra continues to be applied for a period of 10 days around the clock. During the postoperative period, light exercise and walking are encouraged. For the most dynamic training, a period of 6 weeks is required. Return to work in most cases can be done after 10 days from the operation, with the exception of those cases of intense manual labor. The re-examination visit is scheduled in about four months after the operation.